Back to the drawing board…

Hmmmm. Maybe NOW I understand why that scene was coming along so slowly–I left out a major character! Sheesh. And every new point-of-view brings new challenges, of course…but it’s appropriate, so back I go…

There is a brand new dynamic in BLOOD PROPHECY:  Fana and Dawit interacting more now that Fana is an adult.  I touched on it in BLOOD COLONY, but there was such strife, and they spent so much time apart, that I never got to see their “true” relationship.

Yep, I think Fana must be in this scene too.



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2 responses to “Back to the drawing board…

  1. Louis Gray "Deacon"

    Wow! I think I feel like you felt when you could see Prince’s fingers while he was playing Purple Rain; thanks for sharing the process with us 😉

  2. Nina Thomas

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to delve into your work! While reading your excerpts it allowed me to see the process in which you flow through ideas. From your point of view and your characters point of view! Amazing! The inside track you’ve given is priceless! Woohoo!

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