Writing in the cracks

All during my six-year-old’s spring break, it eluded me.  Working at home, I’d grown accustomed to uninterrupted blocks of time to write—but between teaching and my son’s spring break (while Steve was at Norwescon), my writing sessions the past two weeks have felt more like an exercise and obligation rather than creation.

But I’m learning to write in the cracks again.  Wherever and whenever I have time.

After what seemed like an endless series of fifteen-minute episodes, rearranging of single sentences, and cross-eyed Google searches…my chapter suddenly came alive yesterday.  And it was steering instead of always needing to be pushed.  And it completely discarded the ending I’d planned out for it, improvising an ending of its own.

The section is finished!  Not only these difficult two chapters that tested and challenged me at every turn—(and they’re not finished with me yet, but I’ve done enough to move forward)—but this section of the novel is done:  the introduction of my protagonists.  I’ve been waiting years to write some of these scenes, and hadn’t quite brought them into focus.  Before now.

I’ve gotten to know Phoenix again.  And Dawit.  And Fana.

And now their world has been introduced.  Their power.  And I’m creating a scenario I’ve wanted to tackle in fiction for some time.

Next, my antagonist.

Time to start making myself an iTunes soundtrack.  (I always do.)

The true fun begins.



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9 responses to “Writing in the cracks

  1. I am so proud of you,
    whether fat or fiction – let the Holy Spirit guide your writing and it will be beyond Amazing 🙂

  2. I’m dealing with the same issue next week as my MIL will be out of town and I’ll just have to write whenever I can. I’m hoping that I’ll have more discipline than I’ve shown in the past w/o childcare, but we’ll see.

  3. No child in sight and I’m going through the same thing. Pushing through a kind of exhaustion. Glad you made the breakthrough!

  4. I love the “blood” series. I always wondered how deep in your spirit you have to go to create those immortals. I can’t wait for the next one.

  5. This is exciting to hear your thoughts as you finish this next book in a series that I love.

  6. Lovenia

    🙂 about the iTunes soundtrack. Music is creative fuel for me as well! Thanks creating this blog.

  7. msjboogie

    I’m glad it all came together. Your experience reiterates that good writing is about working to make your writing come alive and have everything fall into place, and that the best writing is sometimes unplanned or different from our script! I love the African immortals series, so I can’t wait!!

  8. What’s on your iTunes sound track?

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