Writing in the storm: The dance between writer and author

Our bags are packed for our first publicity trip. But I will also be writing!

This week, my husband, Steven Barnes, and I will be joining the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise to promote our latest collaboration with actor Blair Underwood, From Cape Town with Love.  We’re especially excited to be able to unveil footage from the video vignettes Blair directed and starred in for a video e-book version of our book called a Vook.  [Vook version available May 20; unabridged hardcovers in stores now.]

Steve and I have a 6-year-old son, Jason, so joint tour appearances are rare for us.  So, I’m excited about this trip and this book.  Very excited.  There are nights it has been hard to sleep.

The past few weeks have been a frenzy of editing copy for a new publishing platform, shooting videos, and posting blogs and photos related to the book’s publication.  Blair gave our book a shout-out on the “Today” show this morning.  (If you missed “Today,” check out this VIDEO CLIP.)

It’s on.

And Blair’s videos for the Vook version took my breath away.  Tennyson Hardwick was born in Casanegra in 2007 and returned in 2008 in In the Night of the Heat, but this is the first time we’ve seen Tennyson walk and breathe.

And since Blair pushed us to make our screenplay for the vignettes MORE like the book, the scenes look exactly the way we pictured them while we were writing.  Except bigger.  More cinematic. Like a movie that’s already in the can.

It has always been harder for me to write in the midst of a storm, even when the storm is a good one.  An amazing one.  It’s too easy to forget to meditate, and to lose sight of the daily acts of creation that bring new projects to life.

So I’ll be signing books on the cruise.  And dancing to bands like the Bar-Kays (who appear on the iMix for From Cape Town with Love).  And spending some precious time alone with my husband and soulmate, Steven Barnes.

But I’m also looking forward to firing up my laptop, slipping on my headphones to play my Blood Prophecy soundtrack, and disappearing into my head to write about the African Immortals waiting patiently in the wings while Tennyson has his day in the sun.

Steve writes a thousands words a day, every day, almost no matter what.  He’s my perfect example as we set sail.

It’s possible to find quiet in the midst of any storm.

Blood Prophecy will be published by Atria Books in 2011–if I can finish writing it!  For more information about From Cape Town with Love, visit Tananarive Due’s Reading Circle.



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5 responses to “Writing in the storm: The dance between writer and author

  1. Love the hat, but baby! Those shoes! Honey! THAT’S the Tana I know and love! 😉

  2. I am so inspired by the two of you. Thank you for this! I love when writers share. I started writing my story a week ago and I am already at 8,000 words. This process is so exciting!

  3. Always inspiring. You and Stephen are my unofficial life coaches. I am striving to finish my first book/short story and/or novel depending on how it plays out; bottom line your for real day by day journey helps me to stay my own course! Thank you.

  4. You and Stephen have been my unofficial life coaches. Your day by day for real insights have helped me to stay my own course. Thank you.

  5. Deacon

    Wow what a charmed life ..I am happy for y’all 😉

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