About Tananarive Due

I’m Tananarive Due, a novelist and screenwriter based in Southern California.  I currently serve as the Cosby Chair in the Humanities at Spelman College, so I commute between Los Angeles and Atlanta.  I have won an American Book Award and an NAACP Image Award. In 2013, my husband Steven Barnes and I co-produced and co-wrote a short horror film, “Danger Word,” directed by Luchina Fisher.  I write novels, screenplays short stories and articles.

Welcome to my writing day.

For more information about my work, visit my website at http://www.tananarivedue.com.   My Readers’ Circle blog, with longer articles and book excerpts, is at http://www.tananarivedue.blogspot.com.

I’m on Twitter @TananariveDue. I’m also on Facebook.